The Bawdy Manual
Know Your Tunes

What's It All About?

This is a seminal collection of MIDI sound files along with some background information on the tunes to which the songs in this book are sung. It only represents a sampling of of the music and is certainly not intended as an all inclusive or definitive source. In practical terms, the contents are mainly constrained by the Editor's somewhat limited knowledge of music and the time available to hunt around for suitable MIDI files and the associated background information.

Playing MIDI Music

If you have a modern Web browser and it's properly configured, a small (generally less than 30k) MIDI file will automatically load in the linked pages (listed to the left) and a player control panel will appear there. Use it to start the music. The music does not start automatically in order to help camouflage the fact that some of you are stealing your employer's time and computer resources to be here

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