Other Sources of Hash House Harrier,
Rugby, and Bawdy Songs

Since this Songbook only scratches the surface of the genre, a few links to help expand your repertoire follow:

The Erotic Muse: American Bawdy Songs   LINK DESCRIPTION
1. The Erotic Muse American Bawdy Songs (Music in American Life) by Ed Cray. Available via the Amazon.Com WebSite.
2. Half-Mind Catalog You can download the Half-Mind Hash Songbook and print it out in the privacy of your own home or office. And best of all, it's free! (285k zipped text file).
3. The Hash CD Deep Throat's Hash CD "Life is Like A Hashing Run." An easy listening, non-bawdy, selection of his Hash Songs.
4. Half-Mind Catalog Reviews of, and links to, printed and downloadable Hash Songbooks, plus CDs and cassette tapes.
5. Global Trash Selections from the "World's Largest Hardcopy Hash Songbook." You can also order a copy of the book while at the GT WebSite.
6. Rugby Songs The Ultimate List of Links to Rugby Songs from around the World.
7. Llewtrah's Collection Smutty Songs, Dirty Ditties, Lewd Lyrics, Filthy Filks and Bawdy Ballads.
8. The Digital Tradition A database containing over 8,000 songs. Search DigiTrad using keyword "bawdy" to find a few hundred dirty songs.