About the Hash House Harrier Songbook


Why? Well, why not? Actually, this Songbook was inspired by the seemingly endless series of bus trips at Americas InterHash1993 in Calgary only made bearable by the exuberant traveling songfests. As new songs are constantly introduced the existing record consequently becomes quickly dated. This is but the latest attempt to bring the recorded word up to date with the contemporary verbal standard.

Preface to the English Language Edition

It may seem somewhat redundant to include a “Preface to the English Language Edition” in a book that was compiled in the English language in the first place and has not even been translated into any other language. However, this is as good a place as any to explain that several people submitted foreign language songs for this collection, some with English translations. None are included because this editor understands no foreign language and besides the English translations invariably fail to rhyme.


“Know thyself,” said Romeo to Portia and he might have added, “Know thy audience.” Perhaps the most important decision the editor of a scholarly work must make is: For whom is this book intended? Is it for fellow dirty song scholars, musicians in general, or for that broad, undifferentiated unwashed mass known as “hashers?” This is not an easy question, so I'm forced by necessity to leave it unanswered.

Editor's Lament

I don't know why I bothered to write all these words, few if any will read this. They'll instead bypass this section and go straight to Father Abraham to see if there are any dirty verses for it yet. Well there's none that I know of. Too bad.

Editors Note

Comments, suggestions, or additions? Please send them to: songmeister@harrier.net

Version History

Year Type #Songs
1992 Printed 100
1993 Printed 250
1994 Printed 350
1995 WorldWide Web 400
1999 WorldWide Web 500+


Not 1992-1999 by the Harrier.Net. No rights reserved. However, there's probably stuff in this collection which is copyrighted by others. The Songbook is made available for your personal noncommercial use. Further reproduction, either electronically or in hard copy is entirely at your own risk.


A project of this scope could not be realized without the aid of many people, or rather it could, but it would be dumb to do it that way when there are so many people around willing to help. It is impossible to thank by name every single person who assisted, and many married people must also remain anonymous, but it would be a crying shame if I didn't mention those to whom I am most deeply indebted, no matter how tedious the list may become.

Of invaluable assistance -
Beaver Bam-Bam Balls, Nittany Valley H3
Dum B.U.F., Atlanta H4
Flying Booger, Aloha H3
Ian Cumming, New York H3
Sauer Krotch, Orlando H3

Of valuable assistance -
Big Gulp, Dallas/Ft Worth H3
Birdman, Boulder H3
Chesst Nuts, Emerald Coast H3
CIA, Cambridge H3
Commode Hugger, San Diego H3
Cornballer, Waukesha H3
Dick the Boy Wonder, Austin H3
Dim Sum Peugeot ,Sound H3
Dirty Dingus, Tokyo H3
Dr D, Fort Eustis H3
Ed Cray, Non-hasher
Folker, Pittsburgh H3
Fungus, Los Angles H3
Hazukashi, Tidewater, H3
Hunka Hunka Burning Shit, Las Vegas H3
Mitey Bite, Los Angles H3
Moon, Pittsburgh H3
Mullet, Daytona Beach H3
Mu-Sick, Emerald Coast H3
Playdoh Penis, Gainesville H3
Rambo, cHARLOTtesville H3
Sea-Xplanation, Aalborg H3
Short Cumings, Mount Vernon H3
SPAM, Kansas City H3
Stray Dog, Global Trash
Towering Infernal, Fontenbleau H3
Woodpecker, Oregon H3
Whiff, Pittsburgh H3
Worm, Heidelberg H3

There, that's it! The editor thanks you all, now let's get on with it.

ZiPpY tC, Songmeister