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William Tell Overture

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The William Tell Overture (Overture to the opera "Guillaume Tell") wa composed in 1829 by Gioachino Rossini (Italy, 1792-1868). It is perhaps best known for the galloping "Lone Ranger" theme in the middle of the overture.

This was the overture to the last opera he wrote, for in 1829, while still in his thirties, Rossini gave up big-time composing, and retired to Paris to live off his profits.

The galloping rhythms of the piece, and its cheerful two-dimensional character, made it the obvious choice as the theme tune for the Lone Ranger. Rossini was a master of the popular tune, and he'd surely have approved. In 1971, Shostakovich quoted the William Tell theme in the first movement of his last Symphony, No. 15 - a sardonic comment on the nature of popularity, as the great Russian was known in his youth as the 'Soviet Rossini'.

The Music
William Tell Overture
[ 3:13 ] [ 49k ]

The Song
The song in this book which is sung to the tune of
William Tell Overture"

  1. What a Wank

William Tell Overture

Sorry, no lyrics. This is an orchestral piece.