"I" Songs

  1. I Caught Three Hares

  2. I'd Love to Have a Beer With...

  3. I Don't Want to Join a Convent

  4. I Don't Want to Join the Army

  5. I Don't Want to Join the Navy

  6. I Like Cock

  7. I Like Cunt

  8. I Love My Wife

  9. I Need a Sheep

  10. I Put My Hand (Harrier Version)

  11. I Put My Hand (Harriette Version)

  12. I Put My Lips

  13. I Want a Beer

  14. I Wonder Where I Am

  15. I'll Never Piss Again

  16. I'll Take the Left Leg

  17. I'm Dreaming of a Right Christmas

  18. I'm Your Mailman

  19. I've Got a Start on a Twelve-Inch Hard On

  20. I've Got the Clap Again

  21. I've Only Half a Brain

  22. If I Had a Hard-On

  23. If I Were the Marrying Kind

  24. Inbred

  25. Inbred Man

  26. Incest is Best

  27. Incest Time in Texas

  28. Incontinence Is The Shits

  29. Inside Those Red Plush Breeches

  30. Irian Jaya

  31. Is it in Yet?

  32. Isn't it Awfully Nice to Have a Penis?

  33. Isn't It Great To Have A Clitoris?

  34. It's the Same the Whole World Over

  35. Ivan Skavinsky Scavar

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