Necrophilia's Best

Tune: Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport


Chorus: Necrophilia's best, boys,
Necrophilia's best--FUCK A CADAVER!
Necrophilia's best, boys,
Necrophilia's best, 'cause . . .

Give head to the dead, girls
Give head to the dead--NECROPHILIA!
Give head to the dead, girls,
Give head to the dead, 'cause . . .

Other verses:
Do it lots 'fore she rots, boys
Fuck her defunct cunt, boys
Do your boffin' in a coffin, mates
Plant your pelvis on Elvis, girls
Rub your slit on Sonny Stitt, girls
Suck the dong of Mao Tse-Tung, girls
Sink your cable in Betty Grable, boys
Go to bed with the dead, Fred
Use the staff of a stiff, girls
The best of course is a corpse, boys
Suck some decomposed toes, girls
Stroke her hips in a crypt, boys
Get some authentic skull, mates
Jack off on old Jackie, boys
Shoo the flies off her thighs, guys
Shoot some creum in a mausoleum, boys
Pinch your nipples hard in the graveyard, girls
That Kim Il Sung is sure hung, girls

Keywords: necrophilia, sex