Bestiality's Best

Tune: Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport


* Take turns leading verses *

Bestiality's best, boys,
Bestiality's best - FUCK A WALLABY!
Bestiality's best, boys,
Bestiality's best.

Oh, put your log up a dog, Claude,
Put your log up a dog - BESTIALITY!
Don't you fancy a dog, Claude,
Put your log up a dog.

Stick your lug in a slug, Doug,
Stick your lug in a slug - BESTIALITY!
Aren't you hot for a slug, Doug,
Stick your lug in a slug.

Slip your slew to a ewe, Lou,
Slip your slew to a ewe - BESTIALITY!
Don't you dream of a ewe, Lou,
Slip your slew to a ewe.

Get turned on by a duck, Chuck,
Get turned on by a duck - BESTIALITY!
Doesn't that make you go quack, Chuck,
Get turned on by a duck.

Tickle the clit of a gnat, Matt,
Tickle the clit of a gnat - BESTIALITY!
Isn't that just where it's at, Matt,
Tickle the clit of a gnat.

Rough love with a horse, Boris,
Rough love with a horse - BESTIALITY!
You gotta use force with a horse, Boris,
Rough love with a horse.

Keep making up verses until begged to stop.
(Following are over 100 suggestions)

Any which way with a jay
Anyway you can with a pelican
Be a queer with a deer
Be a rotter with an otter
Be very pleasant to a pheasant
Bring a flea to his knees
Chuck your sperm in a worm
Come from behind with a hind
Cunnilingo with a dingo
Do an illegal with an eagle
Do it funky with a monkey
Down the throat of a goat
Drink the pee of a bee
Drip your juice on a moose
Drip your yeast on a wildebeest
Drop some goo in a shrew
Ejaculate in a snake
Fool with the tool of a mule
Get a suck from a duck
Get in deep with a sheep
Get it out for a trout
Get the pox off a fox
Get under the tail of a snail
Get your oats with some stoats
Get your release in a fleece
Give a half to a giraffe
Give a lickin' to a chicken
Give some cock to a croc
Give your gerbil some verbal
Give your milk to an elk
Go a rounder with a flounder
Go and defile a crocodile
Go the whole way with a moray
Grind your mound on a hound
Ground your mound on a hound
Have a chimp with an imp
Have a cracker with a quacker
Have a deer from the rear
Have a filler with a gorilla
Have a frig with a pig
Have a fuck with a duck
Have a goose with a moose
Have a hug with a bug
Have a lark with an aardvark
Have a rape with an ape
Have a screw with a shrew
Have a shag with a stag
Have a shaggin' with a dragon
Have a squirm with a worm
Have a toss with a hoss
Have intercourse with a horse
Help old Watson with a dachshund
In a bag with a stag
In a heap with a sheep
In the Bahamas with some llamas
In the bog with a dog
In the dark with a shark
In the ear of a deer
In the esophagus of an octapus
In the lake with a drake
In the lug of a slug
In the sack with yak
Jam your cam in a ram
Lick the clit of a nit
Make a llama a mama
Make a moose real loose
Make an eel squeal
Make an eel squeel
Make it coarse with a horse
Make it limp in a chimp
Make it twirl in a squirrel
Make it wonky with a donkey
Make love with a dove
Make some porn with a unicorn
Mate a 'gator then fellate her
Move your tool in a mule
On a honeymoon with a raccoon
On a train with a crane
On the lawn with a prawn
On top of the easel with a weasel
Out your wool next to a bull
Part the hare of a mare
Put it in the mid of a squid
Put it in the mouth of a sloth
Put it through a gnu
Put your brillo next to an armadillo
Put your cock in a peacock
Put your juice in a moose
Put your load in a toad
Put your noodle to a poodle
Put your spear in a deer
Put your sperm in a worm
Put your thang in an orangoutang
Rub the thigh of a fly
Rub your beaver on a retriever
Rub your box on a fox
Rub your clitorus on a hippopotamus
Rub your clitty on a kitty
Rub your cunt on an elephunt
Shoot your load in a toad
Shoot your spunk into a skunk
Shove your log in a dog
Shove your willy up a filly
Sixty-nine with a swine
Skull fuck a duck
Stick you rod up a cod
Stick your cock in a hawk
Stick your dork in a stork
Stick your log in a frog
Stick your needle in a beetle
Stick your rod in a cod
Take a whirl with a squirrel
The best course is a horse
Up the ass of a bass
Up the back of a yak
Up the box of a fox
Up the fanny of a nanny
Up the flue of a shrew
Up the hole of a mole
Up the rear of a deer
Up the spout of a trout
Up the tail of a whale
You can only wish for a fish


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