Colorado HHH eMail List

A list pertaining to Hash House Harrier activities in Colorado

Instructions & Guidelines

  1. The Colorado HHH eMail List is a free automated list which means that all mail sent to it is automatically sent to all list subscribers without charges of any kind. The list is hosted by Yahoo Groups and the name of the list/community is ColoradoH3.
  2. Subscription and unsubscription to the list is also handled automatically:
  1. To subscribe to the list via the Worlwide Web, go to the Yahoo Groups ColoradoH3 site. To subscribe via eMail, send a blank message to If you experience difficulties, send a message to and the List Owner (Rosebud) will take care of subscribing you.
  2. To unsubscribe from this list, send a message to the List Server or go to the Yahoo Groups Colorado HHH Web Site and subscribe there. This menu will also let you change your subscription between digest and normal mode. If you experience difficulties, send a message to and the List Owner (Rosebud) will take care of unsubscribing you.
  3. NOTE: If you change eMail addresses, please unsubscribe from the list (using your old eMail address) before you resubscribe your new address. If you don't, the List Owner will get a "bounce" message every time someone posts to the list. This annoys the crap out of the List Owner.
  1. Posting to the list.
  1. To post to the ColoradoH3 eMail List, just send a message to
  2. To keep the list SPAM free, posting is restricted to list subscribers only.
  3. Things appropriate for this list: All things related to hashing, especially information about upcoming hashes in Colorado, hash lost & found, hashers in need (moving assistance, need a ride, co-hare, directions, help with hash, etc.), things which hashers are really interested in (such as beer related events - parties, happy hours, festivals, etc.), and momentous life events (birth, death, marriage, divorce, retirement, getting a degree, moving away from Colorado, and any functions associated with such events to which hashers are invited).
  1. Inappropriate uses (and some guidelines) follow:
  1. SPAM (selling things)
  2. Publicly posting PRIVATE emails (without the author's permission)
  3. Flame wars (participating in a public argument)
  4. Personal attacks against any one person or a group (like the MisManagement)
  5. Chain letters
  6. Topics which stray too far off the subject of hashing.
  7. Internet hoaxes (any message which asks you to forward it to "everyone").
  8. Virus alerts. Virtually all of the alerts which circulate around the internet by eMail are false (see Hoax, above).
  9. Jokes of any kind. This is not a humor list. If you want jokes, subscribe to a joke list.
  10. Attachments. All attachements are automatically stripped from messages posted to this list and are not forwarded.
  11. Replies which quote the entire original message.We all saw the original and don't need to see it again. Just quote enough to provide a reference point and then go ahead and respond.
  12. Cross posting. This includes sending anything posted to the Colorado list to another list or to anyone who isn't a Colorado hasher. It also includes posting stuff which you find on another list such as <> to this list.
  13. And other things which will be elaborated upon only if the signal to noise ratio becomes unbearable.
  1. Please remember the list is about hashing in Colorado, nothing more, and nothing less.
  2. Suspension of list access can occur if you really, really become a pain in the ass. Trial by gravity will decide all matters of propriety.


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