New York Magazine
April 14, 1997

Best of New York

Best Alternative Running Group

New York Magazine
"Best of New York", 1997
New York April 14, 1997
Page 125

For a break from the early-rising, oat-bran-munching Road Runners, the local chapter of the Hash House Harriers (427-4692) offers a "drinking club with a running problem," where walkers are welcome, cheating is "a highly prized skill," and competitive natures are not encouraged.

Formed in the thirties by bored British soldiers stationed Malaysia, the group now has chapters all over the world. Members convene a few times a week to hunt down a trail of chalk marks drawn by a designated "hare." The course disappears every mile or so and picks up again somewhere in the vicinity - the runners must hunt around for it. The total distance works out to between three and five miles, and the finish line is at a bar, of course, where $15 buys you all the food and beer you can consume, post-sprints.

All the gamesmanship doesn't mean real fitness is frowned upon: "We usually have half a dozen or a dozen who run in the marathon," says Keith Kanaga, head of the local Harriers. Meanwhile, the rest of the club members run their usual-length race on marathon day, meeting up with the big event at the 23-mile mark, where they stand and cheer the real runners on, beers in hand.

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