Eugene Register-Guard
January 14, 1999

HazMat Team Called to Clean Park Powder

HazMat Team Called to Clean Park Powder

The Eugene Register-Guard
City/Region section
Thursday, January 14, 1999

The Eugene Fire Department's HazMat (hazardous materials)team on Wednesday cleaned up more than 50 small piles of white powder believed to be flour in Maurie Jacobs Park.

Field sampling indicated the powder, which was found at the base of trees and light poles in the park, was flour or flour laced with pesticides, according to a city news release.

Because of other reports about similar piles of white powder on streets leading to the park, city officials speculated the substance may have been used to mark the course of an unofficial run.

The cost of the cleanup is unknown, but according to Tim Rhay, the city,s acting park operations manager, it,s likely to be “significant.” City officials are investigating the matter.

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