Dallas Morning News
February 21, 1993

Police Examine Possible Hate Crime

Police examine possible hate crime

Men with shaved heads spread white powder in mostly black area

Dallas Morning News
Sunday, February 21, 1993
By Tony Hartzel
Staff Writer of the Dallas Morning News

Two groups of young white men with shaved heads ran through an Old East Dallas apartment complex Saturday spreading a white powder in what police are investigation as a possible hare crime.

The men threw the powder on the ground and playground equipment at the Roseland Homes apartments in the 2100 block of North Washington before fleeing, police said.

One of the men gave two children necklaces of colored beads, and another man carried what appeared to be a small, shrunken head, officer Larry Dyer said. Witnesses told police that some of the men chanted unintelligibly and did not respond to residents' questions.

Police have sent samples of the powder to a lab for testing and expect results in three weeks. Even if the powder is not harmful, the incident could be filed as a hate crime, Detective Sandra Ortega DeKing said.

"Either way, it probably would be a hate crime because the white males

did this in Roseland Homes, which is predominantly black," she said.

Apartment resident Aretha Franklin , 25, said the powder was disturbing.

"I want to know what the substance was because kids play in the playground," she said.

Four of the men ran through the apartment playground Saturday morning and returned in the afternoon with four to six other men, police said. They carried the powder in plastic-covered bags.

During the incident at about 2:30 p.m., witnesses told police, the men began spreading the powder at the J.W. Ray Elementary School playground across the street. One man made an "X" on the ground with the white powder.

They were last seen getting into a yellow van with the word Remco written on the side, police were told.

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